Champion heavyweight wrestler and star of TV's Dinner Date, Michael Kohlweg, is now performing a half nelson on the comedy world.

Michael, 29, will be hosting his first comedy night, at the Cricklade Club, on Friday, March 1 with London comic David Witney as headliner.

The wrestler/personal trainer decided to have a go at stand-up comedy last October.

"I did a few events in Reading and Bristol and have now decided to take the plunge and put on a comedy night myself,'' said Michael. "The worst thing I could imagine living with is the regret of an unfulfilled dream."

His next ambition is to appear on QI, his favourite comedy quiz panel show. "I love the bizarre trivia and would like to do stand-up on TV,'' he said. But he says under no circumstances would he go back on Dinner Date. "The dinner was a disaster. The poor girl, we just didn't click, and she wasn't impressed by my healthy food.''

Michael has just returned from Europe where he was defending his German heavyweight championship for maximum wrestling. He won in 13 minutes!

The wrestler threw himself into the ring at the young of 15, and had to wear a mask to hide his youth.

He had enjoyed the sport as a child, spending Saturday afternoons watching wrestling with his father, who was a huge fan. "It is all my father's fault,'' laughed Michael.

He trained at 4-Front Wrestling in Swindon before moving to the British School of Gymnastics, where he became adept at mat wrestling and aerial acrobatics. He first wrestled under the name of Canno Tangoe still wearing the mask, and then changed to Kay Jutler without the mask. To date Michael has won nine UK and EU heavyweight championships.

Alongside the wrestling he began body building, which is how he got his second show name. "There was a famous bodybuilder called Jay Cutler (Mr Olympia) at the time and I was such a small guy for a body builder that the name Kay Jutler was comical,'' he said. "At first it was the home town heroes who would beat me up and then I started winning,'' said Michael.

Today at 15 stone/212lbs and eight times winner of the NPA Bodybuilding Championship (Natural Physique Association) Michael is a force to be reckoned with, winning international wrestling contests against wrestlers from England, Scotland, Russia, Germany Denmark and Belgium.

The wrestling connection goes back to the day of Michael's birth.

"Dad had tickets to the World Wrestling Federation, that had come to England for the first time in donkey's years, with Hulk Hogan performing live. I picked that moment to be born. So he missed it!'' said Michael.

Michael sustained a neck injury while competing in the All Pro Wrestling tournament in America that put the wrestler out of action for a while.

Instead of taking a holiday, Michael became a personal trainer, using what he had learned in wrestling training to create MK Total Fitness. He now gives training seminars in Denmark and Germany as well as running his gym school, based in the E W Sports Fitness Gym in Swindon's Orbital Trading Estate, and in the Pro Strength and Fitness centre in the Isis Trading Estate.

Michael's Cricklade Comedy begins at 8pm in the High Street club and he has five acts appearing including musical comedian David Hoare, Janet Garner from South End, a 10 minute slot of his own, headliner David Witney all hosted by a compere. For tickets visit Twitter: @KayJutler Instagram: @KayJutler - Flicky Harrison