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They should go home

According to a national newspaper 100 immigrants stormed a ferry in Calais before it left for the United Kingdom.

It took hours for the French authorities to contain the situation and over 40 were arrested.

They are already in a safe European country, namely France. Not to mention the countries they passed through to get to France.

That being the case why are we giving them asylum when they arrive here? They hand wringing liberal elite brigade who encourage this behaviour want to start smelling the coffee.

The financial burden this imposes on the British taxpayer is not coming out of their pockets. It is coming out of yours and mine, without our consent.

It is quite clear to anyone with any common sense that these people are not fleeing from persecution.They were safe as soon as they set foot in Europe.

Every single one of them caught in the Channel or arriving in the back of lorries should be sent back to France immediately. No costly asylum claims at taxpayers’ expense.They know that once they arrive here no matter how. They are unlikely to be sent back.

The question then arises why has this been going on for years. No-one knows how many terrorists are amongst them.

When is this government going to put a stop to this travesty of justice it is inflicting on the British public.

Common sense tells us that if we start sending them back they will stop coming here. Can’t our members of Parliament just handed a £40-a-week pay rise in these times of austerity. Work out that simple common sense equation.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

Are you a good driver?

I was interested to read the letter from Roy Small about the dangers around the area of the Bolingbroke Hotel at Hook by the approach speed of drivers in the area making things dangerous for people leaving the hotel.

The suggestion was a made about the entrance and exit possibly being moved!

Once again I have to comment that the drivers in the Swindon area are, at times, unable to think for themselves! We at Swindon Advanced Motorists produce Thinking Drivers who, no matter what the signs, prepare for this scenario.

As an advanced driver approaches the blind bend by the Bolingbroke, he/she realises that there could be traffic movement in the area around hours of business and of course, possible delivery vehicles. They know the hotel is there!

That gives anyone pulling out time to do so because we give them time!

There could of course be a ‘Mirror’ on the opposite side which would help, but at night, may show headlight reflection in the mirror and cause loss of visibility! Food for thought but I feel that the media and drivers do not pay enough attention to the possibility of ‘Extra Driver Training’ that we offer. Maybe we can take an Advertiser Journalist on board to see how we work.

I ask all of your readers, “Are you a good Driver”?

Chris Gleed, Proud Close, Purton

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