A leading campaigner for women's suffrage in the early 20th century has been honoured by Great Western railway who have named a new train engine after her.

And it's particularly appropriate that the railway company, based in Swindon, honoured Edith New who also came from the town on International Women's Day last Friday.

Born in North Street, Edith New was an organiser and campaigner for the Women's Social and Political Union.

She spent two months in prison for breaking windows at 10 Downing Street.

Another train was named after Megan Lloyd George, the first woman to represent a Welsh constituency in Parliament, when she won Anglesey in 1929. She also served as MP for Carmarthen a seat she held until her death in 1966.

GWR HR Director Ruth Busby said: “I really pleased GWR is marking International Women’s Day with the naming of this train after two people from our region who did so much to further the role of women in our society.

“The day is a celebration of women everywhere - within GWR female colleagues have a wide range of roles and we are really keen to attract more across the whole of the railway industry as we work for a better balance in the workplace.”