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People’s minds change

I recently read with interest Cllr Renard’s comments in the Advertiser – “Swindon people just want to get on with Brexit - council leader”, in which he asserts most people in Swindon see the UK’s departure from the EU as more important than any exit agreement itself.

To put that another way, he seems to believe most people in Swindon see “no deal” as equally acceptable as a “good deal” Brexit, with “Remain” being the worst outcome.

Since the referendum (in which Swindon voted to leave), there have been numerous documented cases of people that voted leave expressing remorse at their choice – some are even quoted as saying “I didn’t actually think it would happen!”. Assuming this nationwide trend is reflected locally, then quite a few of the 67,000 leavers would now be Remainers. Yes, some Remainers would now vote Leave – but the generally acknowledged swing is towards Remain.

Indeed, a recent Facebook poll on a North Swindon group, while only answered by a handful of people suggested approximately 66% would now vote Remain.

Obviously such polls are not scientific, but to dismiss their results as meaningless would be reckless.

Mr Renard has a reputation among a number of locals as being far from keen to engage with his critics. However, I would suggest he should refrain from the cavalier views of “any exit is a good exit” that he shares with a few people he likes talking to as being the opinion of Swindon residents generally.

Instead perhaps he might get out there and engage with the wider community – even those that he disagrees with. He might find it enlightening.

Steve Hall, Eastbury Way, Swindon

More needless deaths

Another week passes by and we see three more violent deaths due to the horrendous rise in knife crime on the streets of England, but still we see the hapless Theresa May continue to ignore the fact that cutting police force numbers (21,000 since this awful government came to power and in doing so began its brutal austerity policies).

Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that it would have dire consequences for law and order across the country, nearly a decade of Tory cuts has reeked havoc across the UK and has decimated public services that we all rely on to help us get through our daily lives, when will Theresa May and Swindons two Conservative MPs Buckland and Tomlinson acknowledge that austerity not only wreck lives it takes lives as well

Mark & Martin Webb, Swindon Road, Old Town

Give us a no-deal

The Remainers keep telling the Brexiteers they do not know what they voted for.

Do the Remainers know what they voted for?They must have a fantastic crystal ball. If they do, can they give me the lottery numbers for next week?

I think it is about time for the Remainers to accept the vote, that the majority voted to leave.

Lets get together and stop this arguing and make Britain great again.

The 18 and 19 year olds are now saying they want to vote because they were to young in 2016 and its their future.,

Well what about the 16 and 17 year olds now?They could say that they want a vote now,

Now you can see how silly this is becoming.

I voted to leave and I want a no deal Brexit.

Gary Darling, West Swindon

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