A POP-UP museum got people thinking about combatting climate change over the weekend.

The Climate Museum UK arrived at the National Self Build and Renovation Centre on Saturday.

The mobile museum uses games and activities to explore how individuals could do more for a greener future.

The theme for this year’s museum, which travels round the country, and held in conjunction with the Citizens Climate Lobby, is the idea of a Carbon Fee Dividend.

The levy will be paid to taxpayers from fossil fuel companies, making carbon-free alternatives more attractive.

Founder of the first UK branch of the Citizens Climate Lobby, Judy Hindley, from Marlborough, said the carbon tax and dividend was the fairest way of implementing changes to the economy.

She told the Adver: “The dividend means it’s easier to make green choices without being punished by higher prices, and make it easier for green businesses to start up.

“The most effective individual action is to lobby your government, all the other choices are still valuable but this is the quickest and the kindest way.”

Conference organiser Louisa Davison said: “At the end of the day we are talking about our children’s future. They will be living through a four degree temperature rise if we continue.

“We have got a window of opportunity that we are trying to grasp.”