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EU laws a ‘stitch up’

Does anyone believe after two years anything a politician tells us? When we consider the fiasco they have made out of leaving the EU.

Did anyone believe it could go so disastrously wrong? How could they screw up such a relatively easy job. When Article 50 was triggered all they had to do was to tell the EU: “We are out and you are on your own. We don’t owe you anything financially as we aren’t getting anything except our freedom.” And just leave it at that.

Within a very short space of time the EU would be banging on our door for some type of deal.

Don’t forget the German car industry sells approx one million vehicles here every year. At a conservative figure, lets call it £37,000 per vehicle (it might be more but let’s be generous and use that figure), then multiply it by one million - yes, that’s right, six noughts. Comes to a massive figure doesn’t it? Then there is an almost equal share of the French automotive industry. Don’t forget there are a lot of French cars on our roads. Again it would have been a similar figure.

Are these two vast industries going to let Angela Merkel get away with this? Thousands of job losses both in Germany and France. And this is only two countries out of the 27 in the EU. There are millions of other things we purchase from the EU. What is the cost if we don’t buy these items?

We can buy all these things from other sources. And it’s not only vehicles. What about all the fruit and veg we buy from them? Again there are other nations queuing up to sell us their goods. But the EU has us in stranglehold. Due to EU laws we can only purchase from who the EU allows us to.

So don’t tell me it wasn’t a stitch up. Loads of these MPs on all sides of the house have personal investment within the EU. That`s why they didn’t get their act together.

So when its all done and dusted they will be no worse off. Probably better off as they will get a dab in the hand for getting us to remain.

Brexit? Most of them never even considered it. Believe them? You must be joking!

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

Name and shame

We are often being told that Swindon is a very safe town to live in, so why is it that every day in Advertiser we are reading of vandalism, fighting, murders, robberies, knife fights, car stealing, muggings, hit and run driver etc.

The worst thing about it is most criminals get off a sentence and just told not to do it again . But most of them do carry on with their crimes. So I don’t feel that Swindon is safe now. Also many people have taken to growing drugs in their homes or bringing drugs into Swindon from other towns.

How does that warrant a safe town? A large number of criminals are teenagers, and I get very annoyed at the law that they can’t be named for legal reasons.

Surely the best punishment would be name and shame them. Let us all know who they are.

J Lawrence, Address supplied

Stadium concern

Could the management of Swindon Speedway announce the reason why the owners, Gaming International, have for some reason shown no inclination to proceed with the promised redevelopment of the stadium?

SBC gave the go-ahead last October 2018. Five months have elapsed with no activity whatsoever. Have they fears of Brexit, are they waiting for deal or no deal? This has put a dampener on the club’s celebrating 70 years of speedway at Blunsdon.

Also, a great opportunity to attract new supporters to speedway with a promised modern stadium has been lost. Shame.

A Murray, Briar Fields, Swindon

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