Taxi drivers, operators and the public will be asked for their views on changing the rules on driver registration in Swindon.

At the moment drivers can only work for one operator – and they must display the name of the company on their car. But members of Swindon Borough Council’s licensing committee decided to put a suggestion that would allow licensed drivers to work for any number of operators out to an eight-week consultation.

The suggestion was put to the committee by Coun Jim Robbins, not a committee member, in order to allow drivers who work on airport or seaport runs to be able to pick passengers up on the return journey, saving fuel and increasing their income.

But operators turned up to decry the idea.

One, Mark Newson of SN1 cars, said: “As an operator we wouldn’t give a job to a driver who was also working for another firm over one of our loyal drivers who pays us so they can work for us. It just wouldn’t work.

“We are very happy with the current system and we think it would also damage the council’s licensing team, who do a good job now, to do their jobs as well,”

The eight-week consultation starts in the first week of April.