ORGANISERS of The Children’s Fete say this year’s event will be cancelled, after struggling to recruit enough volunteers to fundraise to put on the GWR Park event.

The annual fete is organised by the Mechanics’ Institution Trust.

Writing on the charity’s Facebook page, fete organiser Hannah Parry said: “We're a very small team which relies on the kind support of the local community, both in the run up to the event and on the day.

"This year, sadly, we have been unable to undertake the level of fundraising required to pull off a free event of this size.”

Miss Parry said the trust had struggled to recruit enough volunteers to work around the year, helping with areas like fundraising.

However, the event is expected to return next year: “We do not intend this to be the end of the Children's Fete, but will be taking a year off to rest and refocus our efforts on fundraising for a 2020 event. If you would like to help with this, please contact us at”

The 150-year-old tradition was restarted as a roughly annual event in 2003. However, there was a year-long hiatus in 2013, after a massive Olympics theme bonanza the previous year.

Each year, the event attracts around 8,000 people.