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Trolley dodgems

On Monday last I had to visit accident and emergency at the Great Western Hospital and although I had to wait over four hours I was so impressed with how the doctors and nurses dealt with the great number of patients with care and compassion.

I don’t think they had a break in that time. It was like dodgems at a fair with trollies being manoeuvred into small places. Two people to each cubicle.

As I was leaving a kind nurse asked me if I had enough money on me to get a taxi as she was worried I was going to get a bus and it was dark. She then phoned a taxi. Thank you! A volunteer member then brought tea round to people waiting. I felt so sorry for all the staff to have to work in these cramped conditions.

No wonder they are short staffed. The hospital is just not big enough as we all said that at the start. In the meantime, I thank the staff and I’ll try not to complain when I have to wait for an appointment.

If that was a Monday, whatever must the weekend be like.

M Cooper, Green Road, Swindon

Mote in the eye

I read with interest your report (March 18) “Living longer - but growing a bit too much.”

Coun Brian Ford had a lot to say about obesity, taking responsibility and charging people for treatment on the NHS. Correct me if I’m wrong and the picture you published is an old one but shouldn’t Coun Ford be looking a little closer to home and setting an example before criticising others?

Roy Bacon, Foxbridge

Future questioned

So Swindon Town Football Club now own the ground that they play on? In view of the results of late, how long before the club is bankrupt, the club liquidated, and the area occupied by the grounds, is then sold off for housing? They did have a manager, Mr Brown. They sacked him, but not the players, and the results are still indecent.

TJ Lambourne, Parsons Way, Royal Wootton Bassett

Stand together

How nauseating to see the headline re: the recent horrendous shootings in New Zealand,”Hate must not win” on the front page of the Sun on Sunday.

This newspaper has, along in the past with the other newspapers such as the Daily Mail and Daily Express with their anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant rhetoric, helped create a society in which immigrants and perceived immigrants are threatened on a daily basis. It’s time the editors of the above named newspapers and certain politicians ceased their hostility to those who wish to settle and start a new life. The decent peace loving people of the world need to stand together like my brother Mark did on Saturday in London at the anti-racist, anti-fascist rally and defeat the hatred put out by racists.

Martin Webb, Old Town

We’re all human

Re: “Patrols stepped up after New Zealand attacks” ( March 16).

Junab Ali, Swindon’s first Muslim Mayor, condemned the violence: “There is no justification for this kind of behaviour. These people are pure evil, criminal and terrorists. It doesn’t matter what their nationality, or beliefs are. They do not represent the human race at all.”

Wrong Mr Ali! They do think Cain and Abel. By the way, 11 Christians (mainly women) a day, every day, are murdered for their faith. Islamic oppression continues to impact millions of Christians worldwide.

Jeff Adams, Bloomsbury, Swindon

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