SHE only took up running in 2016 but now there’s no stopping 75-year-old Judith Sheppard in her quest for new endurance challenges.

Judith, from Moredon, has completed numerous races over the last three years and is now preparing to tackle the London Marathon in 2020.

Talking about her marathon journey, Judith told the Adver: “I used to walk a lot with my dog, but I needed a challenge.

“After my first race in 2016 I felt alright and decided to carry on.

“Me and my daughter always make sure we do enough training before we start a marathon or a race.

“I wasn’t good at running but it is surprising what you can do when you get out of your comfort zone. If I can do it, anyone who wants to start running marathons can do it.

“I’m now part of a running group in Swindon, Slinn Allstars, and I go there once a week, it is really helpful.”

Daughter Liz Sheppard has been very impressed by her mother’s achievements.

“She actually only started running at 73, and she never ran before.

“Now look at her - three marathons, four half marathons and countless 10ks, “said Liz.

“It’s just impressive and inspiring and I do what I can to help and support her.”

She added: “She started walking with 30 seconds of running every 3-4 minutes.

“She didn’t think she would ever run a whole mile, but gradually she was running longer with shorter walk breaks, then she joined a bigger running course and she can now run a whole parkrun (a distance of 5k) without stopping.

“She has also managed six miles without stopping, which is impressive. Even when she walks, it’s a power walk.”

Judith took part in her first marathon back in 2016 at the Macmillan Cotswold Way Mighty Hike, followed by the Milton Keynes Marathon in 2017, one of her best memories.

Liz said: “She was very nervous and she didn’t believe she could do it, she fell over at the start line, kept needing the toilet she was being sick, but she didn’t give up, she moaned, she felt ill but kept going.

“I was so proud and many people younger than her would have stopped.”

The mother and daughter have just returned from Cyprus, where they both ran a 10k race under a burning sun.

“It was very hot and the last two miles were hard work but all worth it for the trophies,” said Liz.