Comedian Chris McCausland does not allow the fact that he is blind to stop him having fun with his daughter, tour with his new show, or be phased by being on stage.

He says he comes from the North where they are full of grit and you don't allow frustrations to hold you back.

"We can't time travel or go back to change horrible things because that could change the whole path. We just have to get on with things.''

His latest show, Speaky Blinder, was a smash hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Chris is now taking it on a UK tour, stopping off in Swindon in June.

"The show is primarily about family life, about becoming a dad, about being a pasty, white northerner, married to a hot-blooded Brazilian called Patricia. Then you get the culture clash! Being blind adds a unique perspective to the conflicts and difficulties of parenthood,'' he said.

Chris says that he really enjoys the Fringe, but he doesn't like to be away from his family for so long.

"You are there for a month, it is in your face and you are jostled off the pavements,'' he said. "But it is exciting and cool.''

The comedian says he is looking forward to travelling with his own show despite the obstacles of touring, and getting use to different hotel rooms, besides he is hoping to get home from most of the gigs.

"My tour bus days are over,'' he admits. "I have a driver and I do a brief summary of the theatre and where I am in relation to the stage. In general I feel comfortable on stage, I don't bother if I go over the edge. Once I knocked the mic over, but it made people laugh.''

Originally Chris was a web developer until his sight deteriorated too much for him to carry on. That was 16 years ago. He did open mic slots for the first two years before turning professional.

He is one of the stars of Live At The Apollo and Comedy Central at The Comedy Store.

He says Live At The Apollo is an amazing show to do, in fact the bigger the gig the easier and more enjoyable to do, because you get more laughs.

In 2012 he appeared alongside fellow comedians in Jimmy Carr's Deal of No Deal. Although QI would be his number one panel show to star in, he does regret that they tried but failed to get him on Mock The Week.

"I can't get down from the platform quick enough,'' he said. "It's logistics.''

He says that despite the draw backs, life as a comedian does open doors to other areas such as acting. Chris fronted a TV ad for Barclays Bank, starred in the Jim McGovern's drama Moving On and appeared in EastEnders.

"They pop up because of my comedy, they wouldn't have for a geeky computer guy. I am a niche actor. We were filming for a day and it was loads of fun. When you do stand-up you are in charge but in acting you are part of a team. They do your hair, tell you what to do so there is a total lack of responsibility. It's the camaraderie that is fun, and they give you dinner. I love a bit of pampering,'' he said.

His first foray into TV was for CBeebies in a drama series as a market trader.

"It sounded humiliating and embarrassing but it was just mucking about all day. We filmed it in a year. Every now and then I get recognised from that - even in Dubai.''

Speaky Blinder comes to Swindon's Arts Centre, Devizes Road, Old Town on Sunday, June 2 from 7.30pm. Tickets are £15 from 01793 524481 or visit - Flicky Harrison