Ten In A Bar are something of an enigma. They are not amateur dramatics, they are not a choral society nor are they a musical theatre group, yet they have elements of all three.

Based in Swindon and run by musical director, Jill Hodge, the close harmony group perform an annual show at the Arts Centre, plus various concerts, many for charity, throughout the year.

Jill said: "We nick elements from all disciplines. We are a collective, a sum of many parts performing classical, choral, quirky little tunes, Ed Sheeran songs, Cold Play and jazz numbers such as Mack The Knife.

The group are currently recruiting. They have eight women and six men at the moment. Jill says that they prefer to keep their auditions very low key, to put people at their ease.

"We have just my pianist and myself in the comfort of my home. We have a chat, a sing-through of a few songs. We make it as relaxed and enjoyable as possible,'' said Jill.

She says there is no where to hide in Ten In A Bar. It is such a small group every singer counts and is exposed.

"No-one can either physically or psychologically hide behind each other. We need people that can sing a line, and hold a line in a harmony round. We also need people who can move on stage, they don't have to dance but they need to travel with confidence.''

Despite being exposed on stage, the singers do have a backing band including Andy Griffiths on drums, Tracey Absalom on bass guitar and Kirstie on piano.

Ten In A Bar meet once a week at Immanuel Church Hall, in Swindon. In the run up to the show it is two or three times a week, but they have a recess in the summer months.

The benefits of joining the group include the opportunity of singing a wide variety of music of different genres as part of a happy bunch of singers. There is also the chance to stretch your acting muscles as Jill incorporates comedy sketches into the shows. "We do have a bit of drama and it is lovely to have good actors,'' she said. "We also have tremendous camaraderie as we take risks. If you are frightened, both for yourself and others and it comes off you get an extra happy feeling. The higher the risk the greater the joy. We are a harmony group that works as a sports team - pass the ball vocals.''

Along with performing the group also meets for social nights out, often half way between West Swindon and Old Town, for a chat and a drink.

The singers' next project is on Saturday, April 27 with a concert entitled The Heart and Soul of Ten In A Bar, in the Immanuel Church. Their summer concert on June 8 is in Christ Church for Swindon Carers. It is organised by Nicky Alberry and has all singers from the Kentwood Show Choir, Ten In A Bar and the Janice Thompson singers. http://www.teninabar.com/ - Flicky Harrison

Panel: How to Join

The group is always looking for singers who are creative and enjoy a challenge. Although it is helpful, you do not need to be an experienced singer, or be able to read music.

By joining the group you will be trained in all aspects of musicality, with some movement.

You need to have a good ear and be able to blend with other members of the group

Singers are welcome to sit in on a rehearsal one week to see if it is what they are looking for.

Ten in a Bar rehearse on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm –10pm at 16 Immanuel Church

Upham Road, Swindon. For an audition contact jill@teninabar.com