A BELGIAN trade unionist delivered an expletive-peppered rant before yelling “save Honda” at the top of his lungs.

Patrick Renard, who works at a Honda Logistics plant in Ghent, told crowds at the GWR Park that workers had been treated poorly.

"People asked my why I came to Swindon because it's nothing to do with me, stay out. I say no! There are three reasons I came here - the first is that so far, you're treated like s**t," he said.

“You had to read that the plant will be closed from the newspaper, that is not right. They’re saying there’s no case for the production plant in Swindon. I’ve seen the workforce at the production plant working hard on good-quality products, high speed at good cost for the global market.

“There is and will remain a market for cars around the globe for the UK workforce.”

The story given by the management was "bulls**t", he said

The Swindon plant was the “first domino” to fall. “The next will fall in Europe. The plants in France, Spain, Italy, and Ghent - where I work - will be next.

“So I’m here in solidarity with Swindon people. This plant has to stay with the UK workforce.”

He then threw his arms up in the air, planted his legs firmly on the stage floor and loudly cheered “save Honda”.

Mr Renard was joined on stage with fellow trade unionist Fidel Gavilan, who works at ABVV-Metaal on the continent.