The government’s transport committee is looking into the issue of parking on pavements amid increasing calls from people in Swindon and across the country for something to be done about the issue.

The transport committee is looking for evidence of drivers parking with their wheels on the kerb and, once its inquiry is completed, it is possible pavement parking could be banned here – as it already is in London.

We asked our readers to tell us where cars parking on pavements were creating problems in Swindon.

John Smutek told us: “Just go down Marlborough Road in Swindon and both sides of the road have cars parked on the pavement.”

Another reader, who wished to remain anonymous, complained about parking on Century Road. They said: “People have parked on there for ages but it almost blocks the entire thoroughfare for workers.”

“There should be no excuse for this,” they added. “There is sufficient enough parking in and around the area.”

The safety of pedestrians who then have to walk in the road is one of our readers’ main concerns. D Smith worried about room left for wheelchair users or those with pushchairs.

“There is no reason why [cars] need to park on the pavement,” they said.

One resident told us: “We always have a problem with exactly the same cars either parking on the pavement or on the curb.” They said the council had been contacted on a number of occasions, "but nothing is ever done”.

Further complaints included transit vans on footpaths overnight and during weekends so that their owners can park outside their houses.

Other areas where the issue is reportedly a problem include Groundwell Road and Manchester Road.

One respondent was unhappy about a car which apparently parks on Drove Road after 5pm on a footpath.

However Tim Hewitt offered an alternative view. He said: “Parking on the pavement is indeed a problem, but if everyone parks on the road, emergency vehicles, bin lorries, removal lorries and deliveries can’t through.”