FORMER detainees and campaigners have told of the terrible conditions Swindon man Kevin Taylor is likely to be experiencing in Bicutan detention centre.

FRANK Bohlert, 63, spent nearly 10 months in Bicutan before he was released in June 2018.

He had been accused, but not charged, of cruelty against his Filipino wife.

Mr Bohlert, from Aberdeen, told the Advertiser that conditions inside the centre were poor.

Swindon Advertiser:

Kevin Taylor and wife Charlene

“It’s worse than a normal jail,” he said. “There is no automatic bed allocation and having to sleep on a filthy concrete floor without mattress and with rats all around you is normal.”

His step-brother, Graeme Simpson, 63, said: "It's not a nice place to be. I believe it was a horrendous situation for him."

C J Nash runs a blog, Boxed Voices, collecting the stories of those who have found themselves stuck in the Manilla detention centre. He said some had been held at the centre for up to eight years.

“Conditions are horrific, the food is unidentifiable slop,” he added. “Overcrowded conditions, people sleeping on the floor with rats running over them.”

Some detainees had given up, Mr Nash said. One man had hanged himself, according to reports.

Gerald Taylor, Kevin's father, said: “He was better off in jail, because he was getting fed and he had accommodation. Here, he’s got nothing like that.”

Since being held at Bicutan, Kevin’s health had deteriorated. He suffers from poor mental health, scabies and is blind in one eye.“The conditions Kevin’s in are worse than a third world country,” Mr Taylor said.

The Philippines Embassy was approached for comment.