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We could be up there with world leaders

After all the crazy shenanigans that have taken place in the House of Commons recently, I don’t know about you but I am totally disillusioned by all politicians of all different hues.

I used to think until quite recently that to be a politician you had to be reasonably intelligent. Obviously something else I was wrong about.

They are messing around with the future of our country like a bunch of spoilt children.

Looking after their own interests at the expense of the country’s best interests.

We, both young and old, know that this country of our has always punched above its weight. And I suppose when weighing it all up about 90 per cent of the time we have been successful.

I suppose that’s one of the reasons the EU don’t want us to leave.

If and when we successfully leave the EU, we will show just how incompetent all these so called leaders of the EU actually are.

All they are really interested in is getting their noses in the trough at our expense. Germany is already slipping into a slowed down recession.

We, the British have always be innovated in bringing out new ideas and products. We for a long time led the world. Perhaps we are not big enough to lead the world anymore but we can be up there with the leaders.

Outside the EU there are vast markets for innovative designs and new technical products. I believe with our system we can rise well above the EU. Yes in spite of our totally useless MPs.

We have leaders in industry and equally, leaders in technology. We have some of the best universities in the world producing some really intelligent people, except it would seem in the realms of political science.

We produce some of the best jet engines in the world - Rolls Royce I mean of course. They power some 45 per cent of the worlds airliners. Not bad for a small nation is it?

Why then can others not believe in my country the same as I do?

Have they been brainwashed by our so called politicians? Believe in our nation. Leave the EU and let’s go from strength to strength.

Demand a no deal Brexit and then watch other nations run to leave the EU.

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

Vote dog for a more sincere politician

As every one knows who reads the letters pages, I am a staunch believer in Great Britain.

For all our faults, to be ruled without foreign intervention, by a sovereign parliament that believes in democracy.

This trust by the democratically elected people, who should be for the people, now lies in tatters, of a democratic nation, our United Kingdom.

I have never in my lifetime watched so many preening self- indulgent self-interested people disregarding the consensus of the people who vote them in and, don’t forget, pay their extortionate salaries, pensions and expenses through taxes accumulated through hard work, exemplified by a bully in what should be the honourable Chair of Speaker of the House of Commons.

Socially I have never experienced so much anger regarding the delay in the United Kingdom leaving the European Disunion .

To make my country the laughing stock of the free world enrages my soul regarding our ancestors who fought and died for our freedom.

Make no mistake about this ,the day of reckoning is nigh.

Many people with great passion have told me they will never vote again. I will, but on my ancestor’s grave, I never ever will vote for any of the current parliamentary representative parties.

I suspect many of the readers, young and old, may join me.

It is the young’s future I am more concerned about than mine.

Finally, as the local elections come upon us, I swear if anyone even puts a cat or a dog up for election I will vote for it. They are more sincere than that lot who resides in office locally as well as in Parliament.

That is a joke. Honest thoughts? Bring it on.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

We do get to vote again in local elections

I refer to Gary Darlings letter (SA April 13) Try, try and try again.

May I remind Mr Darling that if you do not like the outcome of local elections you can indeed vote again in two years’ time - four years if you don’t like the candidate who gets in this year.

That’s how democracy works.

Roy Bacon, Foxbridge, Covingham

First jazz festival put Swindon on the map

What a fabulous first Jazz and Soul festival we heard at Christ Church last Saturday!

We heard world renowned jazz artists. The Jazz and Soul Festival was completely organised Evie Em-Jay who took over the reins from the late Dave Knight.

This will surely put Swindon on the map as I believe it is now going to be an annual event.

Sheila Harrod, Conductor, Kentwood Show Choir

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