A HUSBAND and wife are looking for kind stranger who acted fast to call paramedics after one of them collapsed in Lawns Park.

Brian Corrigan, 89, was taking his daughter’s black Labrador Chewie for a walk on Monday, March 25 at noon when he fell ill.

The pensioner had been taking new medication for his prostate and had been feeling dizzy.

He told the Adver: “Chewie was quite a distance in front of me and I felt a pain in my chest, so I went to take a breath of fresh air closer to the lake and the next thing I remember I was lying on the floor with a lady asking for my name.

“I couldn’t answer any of the questions, although I could understand them.”

Thanks to the woman, medics quickly ruled out a heart attack or a stroke and rushed him to A&E for further tests.

On arrival previous electrocardiogram results showed that Brian’s aortic valve, one of the main arteries pumping blood away from the heart, was most likely restricted by a common condition known as aortic stenosis.

He underwent an operation at John Radcliffe Hospital to install a replacement valve with a complex keyhole procedure and recovered at home.

“It’s the story of my life,” said Brian, “and here I am to tell the tale.”

The couple, who celebrated their golden wedding anniversary last year, are desperate to thank the kind stranger.

And they praised the work of paramedics who dropped Chewie home and reassured Brian’s wife Francis about what had happened.

She said: “They are just not thanked enough. Each one of them, it was wonderful treatment, and the expertise and professionalism was incredible.”

She added: “We would love to know who that person was to be able to thank them.”

Joking, Brian added: “The other way is to take the dog up to the top of the hill and fall over again.”

A South Western Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We are grateful to the member of the public who called 999, and supported the patient until crews arrived. We are also delighted that the patient has recovered, and has made the effort to thank our crews.

“It is such an encouragement to our hard-working local staff, as they provide emergency care for patients in Swindon and the surrounding area.”