A second Swindon ‘Naturehood’ will be launched in Tadpole Garden Village on Saturday April 27.

The inaugural event for the community project will take place at The Stray play area between 11:00am to 03.30pm.

Led by Earthwatch Europe in partnership with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Naturehood is a scheme to help reverse the trend in wildlife decline.

‘Naturehoods’ are created throughout neighbourhoods by residents working together to develop a network of wild-life rich places. For example these could be in gardens, balconies or window boxes.

The idea is to benefit both people and nature.

Tadpole Garden Village is a brand-new housing development in North Swindon, created with the intention of promoting healthy living and personal wellbeing for residents.

It will provide opportunities for growing food, gardening, walking and cycling.

The Naturehood team is working with Crest Nicholson, the house builder and estate management firm Preim to ensure the new housing includes nature-friendly elements wherever possible.

Chris Tanner, Community Mobiliser and resident at Tadpole Garden Village, said: “The green spaces and natural environments throughout Tadpole Garden Village were pivotal deciding factors for many new residents when choosing to buy a home here.

"With approximately 2,700 new trees, 26km of hedgerow, allotments and even an ecological bat corridor, the development has a lot to offer so it’s great to be learning how we, as homeowners, can encourage and support wildlife in our growing community.

"Working with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and Earthwatch Europe is giving us all the opportunity to make sure Tadpole Garden Village is not just home for us – but for wildlife too.”

The launch comes just three weeks after a similar community wildlife project was created in Penhill Haven.

Both Naturehoods will be supported by a dedicated Community Engagement Officer who will run wildlife-focused events and activities in the area.

Jo Morris, Naturehood Community Engagement Officer at Wiltshire Wildlife Trust said: “The Tadpole Garden Village Naturehood is a really exciting opportunity to work with a brand new community, connecting new residents with each other and with local wildlife.

"The launch event is set to be a really fun celebration of that and a great introduction to everything Naturehood has to offer.

"From a scientific point of view, the data Tadpole residents collect will show us how nature is adapting to new housing developments and the best ways to help establish habitats for wildlife alongside people.”

Activities on offer at the launch event on Saturday will include wildlife walks, wildflower planting, seed bomb and bird feeder building.

There will also be workshops on forest skills and wildlife-friendly DIY.

Everyone is invited to attend.