HUNDREDS of streetwear enthusiasts are expected to queue for the return of Swindon's only ‘yard sale'.

Last year there were lines down Victoria Road at the last California surf and skate culture-inspired fashion event.

And the latest exhibition will be held at Baila Coffee & Vinyl again starting at 7pm with limited numbers allowed in at a time to browse.

This time organisers have expanded to allow more stands at the sale and this time around they will be selling samples released by brands, rare streetwear clothing, limited edition pieces and art.

Andy Knight, co-owner of the Forum in the Brunel Centre, started the concept in Swindon in the mid-2000s when he began selling clothes from his flat.

He said: “This all began with me selling old collectable pieces from my living room to now bringing likeminded heads together to sell off their rare finds and old collections.

“To be able to witness the growth of this and see how the people of Swindon have reacted to the previous yard sales has also made the experience what it is for me – it just keeps getting bigger and better every time.

‘Events like this rarely happen outside of the big cities, so I think it’s great to be able to deliver something like this in our town.”

Andy added: “I’ve always been a collector. I’ve always been into things, sometimes you get to a point that you need to clear out, move on, or share your love for the game with other people!”

Organisers say they have seen people of all ages visiting the events and they stress that any age group is welcome.

James Turner is a renowned seller who works in the streetwear fashion industry.

He said: “I’m so excited for tonight, it’s an occasion I always look forward to and so do so many others.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to network and meet, it’s a chance to discuss our shared passion for streetwear and potentially leave with more money or something rare that you won’t find on a regular high street.”

The clothing exhibition will go on until 9pm.

There will also be a DJ and a bar for refreshments.