A FORMER UKIP parliamentary candidate has resigned from the party, saying Nigel Farage's Brexit Party is the "only feasible solution to unite all Brexiteers".

Martin Costello, who last week failed in his bid to become a borough councillor, compared his switch of loyalties to upgrading his fighter plane for the "second Battle of Britain".

The Swindon man becomes the latest high-profile UKIP supporter to quit the party.

Last month, UKIP's south west party chairman Richard Ford resigned from the party citing concerns over controversial MEP candidate choices like Swindon resident Carl Benjamin and former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson.

However, the reason for Mr Costello's resignation was firmly to do with Brexit. 

In a statement, UKIP's 2017 South Swindon parliamentary candidate said: “For me, I believe that at this point in time the Brexit Party is the only feasible solution to unite all Brexiteers and continue our fight to escape the clutches of the European Union in the greatest battle we have faced, the battle for our very freedom."

Nigel Farage was the reason he got into politics, Mr Costello added.

Speaking directly to supporters, he said: "As I move on, I want you to know that I haven’t deserted you, I have not betrayed you and I’m not running away. I am just upgrading the battle-worn Hurricane for a new Spitfire in what is our second Battle of Britain."

Last week, Mr Costello trailed Labour and the Conservative parties in his latest bid to become a ward councillor for Liden, Eldene and Park South.