A RAF veteran is overwhelmed by the community’s support after he was savagely beaten by muggers.

Friends, family members and local businesses gave financial support to John McGhee, 81, after he lost money and personal items during a violent robbery last month.

His daughter Connie Crocker said: “This brutal, despicable attack has deeply appalled all the people who know him and even the people who don’t.

“There are so many people who have sent cards, best wishes and thoughtful gifts.”

One of the main priorities for the family was to get CCTV cameras as the two attackers are still on the loose.

“A local CCTV business came forward and gave us free installation and the cameras at cost price which was very good of them,” said Connie.

“My dad feels a little safer now that he has got the CCTV cameras installed.”

John also lost his glasses during the attack but recently received a 50% off from Vision Express in Tesco.

She added: “My dad was overwhelmed and moved to tears with all the kindness and love he has received from the people in Swindon, family, friends and neighbours.

“Family member Judy and Bill and lovely friends Ali and Stewart contributed toward the cost of a holiday to Scotland so he can see his family.

“And friends of his local pubs and clubs collected monies so he can cover the cost of taxis in the future.”