YOUNGSTERS at two Swindon nurseries will enjoy a new menu as part of a new health and wellbeing programme.

The Co-op Childcare nursery in Walcot and the Little Pioneers nursery in GWH will roll out the new menu and plant vegetables and herbs which will be picked by the pupils, helping them learn how fresh food goes from soil to plate. Staff and chefs at the nursery will also undertake specialist nutritional training to ensure colleagues are equipped to support parents with advice on nutrition, and chefs can apply their training when developing new recipes.

Little Pioneers manager Tracy Rundle said: “We know that children who understand where food comes from are much more likely to have a positive relationship with healthy eating, so we want to encourage good food habits in children at our nursery from a much younger age. We’ve been working closely with our parents, colleagues, and children in Swindon to make sure we help the little ones in our care lead the healthiest lives they can.”

Dr Hilary Jones, GP, medical broadcaster and author, said: “Co-op Childcare has committed to delivering healthy, wholesome, varied meals to ensure all the children in its nurseries are getting all the nutrients they need, and the education to understand why nutrition is important.

“With this strong foundation, they can continue on to grow, learn, and flourish and maintain a lifelong, positive relationship with food."

To find out more, visit the Co-op Childcare nurseries in Swindon and Walcot on Saturday June 8.