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We’re moderates

Peter Smith (May 20) still thinks politics in Britain is about a division between left wing and right wing.

While the left verses right division was true 50 years ago, times have changed and the division today is between Brexiteers and Remainers.

Brexiteers are moderated nationalists. We want Britain to make its own laws and to have decent housing for all especially the young generation. Britain has a shortage of four million houses.

Left wingers are housing crisis deniers.

They believe that going on strike is the universal panacea for all problems. But calling businesses out on strike never build a single house for the working class.

People concerned about the rising problem of homelessness in Britain are not Fascists. Caring about your fellow man is not right wing at all.

Brexiteers are the moderates. We want full employment and a decent home for all.

Brexiteers are not anti-Semitic in any shape or form. Brexiteers have never made one single criticism of the Jews or the state of Israel. We just want to make our own laws and have decent homes for all the working class people of Britain.

Steve Halden, Beaufort Green, Swindon

Not a new idea

Faster internet speeds are just the start for the town – so says the headline to CityFibre’s Swindon network launch. And yet haven’t we been here before?

SBC has had three attempts at bringing superfast internet speeds to the town. It has failed each time and the cost of failure has fallen on the beleaguered council tax payer. Digital City, lauded by Coun Garry Perkins cost the taxpayer over £400k – an amount he promised would be repaid with 20% interest (which never happened).

The first UKB plan which was heralded as ‘covering the entire borough’ in November 2012 and the current UKBN system which cost the council tax payer close on £1m and which was going to provide an income to the Council coffers. Each of these grandiose schemes have resulted in a failure to provide the promised services and a cost to the council tax payer.

The council claimed the network would allow over 2,600 businesses in Swindon to access superfast broadband. Sadly and despite assurances to the contrary the scheme foisted on the Swindon taxpayer as been spectacularly unsuccessful.

Seven years on from what Conservative councillors heralded as a great success we have yet another company (CityFibre) launching a ‘new’ superfast internet service in the town – I wish them success as I am sure they will have done their homework.

Des Morgan, Caraway Drive, Swindon

Condemn fascism

Steve Halden, in his letter (Brexiteers are for the working class, May 15), claims I used the word fascists to describe the 17 million who voted to leave the EU in my letter (Anti-fascists not racist, May 13).

I used the word fascism to state that no matter how negligible fascism maybe it needs to be confronted and opposed. In fact my letter had no mention of the EU or those who voted to leave the EU.

Shouldn’t you condemn the words and behaviour of some of the candidates standing for Ukip in the European elections and condemn the racist and misogynistic language we hear from Ukip supporters and voters?

Even your ex-leader Farage says that Ukip are now an extreme right -wing street movement with thugs attached to it, your thoughts and comments on Farage’s words please Steve...

Martin Webb, Old Town

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