Hundreds of EU citizens across the UK have said they were unable to vote, despite being registered, in yesterday's European elections.

They've been using the hashtag #deniedmyvote on Twitter and social media.

And it has affected people in Swindon.

IwonaZolopa wrote on Twitter: "#DeniedMyVote Swindon, my five-member family was deprived of a vote to the EP. That's what democracy in a civilized country looks like."

And Victoria Mico wrote: "I thought this had only happened to me! Got less than a weeks notice while being on holiday and the form had to be returned by post (!). I sent it on the day of the deadline but they still #DeniedMyVote in #Swindon. I was already registered! Why would I have to register again?"

On the other hand, Maria Dimitrova had no difficulties and wrote: "I have just casted my vote in Swindon. No problem at all! #DeniedMyVote"

Were you affected by these problems?

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