Changes are afoot at Orbital shopping centre in north Swindon.

The owners of the site have been given permission to make significant changes to the unit which housed the Homebase store.

The frontage will be updated to allow the large unit to be dividing into three separate smaller shops.

The company Orbital Shopping Park Swindon Ltd says: "The existing facade is in uniformity with the neighbouring units, expressing a monotonous character, which reflects its previous utilization by a single large scale retailer.

"This character does not respond to the needs of the modern retail environment. The recent upgrade of Next echoes the need of change to the repetitive facade."

To this end, the company will remove the canopy running the length of the unit as a shelter to pedestrians.

The fascias of the now separate units will be clad in different materials to show their distinction.

Staff parking will be moved from the front of the units to around the back in order to allow more customers to park at the font of the units.

Accessible parking will be increased by five additional spaces at the front.

Work is expected to begin in a matter of weeks.