The design of a new school to be built in a growing area of housing will be very contemporary.

But those hard edges will be softened by cherry trees and woodland anemones in a bid to make the school a ‘calm learning environment’

Planning permission has already been granted in outline for a new primary school to be built to serve the Badbury Park estate on the southern edge of Swindon.

Now the developers, the Blue Kite Academy Trust, have put in a detailed application for the perusal of planners at Swindon Borough Council.

The plans show the school would be sited on a plot of land bounded to its south by Day House Lane and to the north by Dorcan Stream, on the southern edge of the residential development. Not far away across some fields is the lake of Coate Water.

The primary school would be a two-form entry school due to open in September, reaching its full complement of pupils by 2025.

The two-storey development would consist of two large rectangular buildings, with the upper floor smaller in area than the ground floor.

On the ground would be the school hall at one end, which would also be used as the dining hall and gym. Two classes each for nursery and reception and Year 1 and 2 pupils will be on the lower floor, with classes for Years 4-6 above. There will also be a studio and a special educational needs classroom.

The appearance is a contemporary two-tone stone on the lower floor and white rendering on the upper.

Blue Kite says this is deliberately intended to echo the style of the new houses being built all around it: “The roof has been designed to provide a simple, contemporary aesthetic.

"It will slope to the rear of the building, ensuring that the front elevation remains uncluttered by rain water pipes and guttering.

"The primary material choice for the elevations will be a buff coloured brick, this will be detailed to offer a contemporary feel, and key areas of the front elevation will be detailed with feature areas of brickwork.

"The brickwork will be complimented with a white render system at first floor level, which will break down the mass of the facade. When juxtaposed against the strong brickwork this will create a contemporary architectural language and a calming learning environment for the pupils.”

Parking for staff will be separated from the main school building with a screen of trees. Right next to the the school building will be a hard surface playground with a netball court marked out.

On the other side of the trees are grassed play areas and a football pitch.

The school’s logo will be the leaves of the anemone plants.