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We’re a laughing stock

Somebody called Marcus Ball has crowdfunded £200,000 to take Boris Johnson to court for allegedly lying in the referendum campaign about £350,000,000 going on a regular basis to the NHS if we voted out.

What fantastic powers of observation Mr Ball has been gifted with, to come to the conclusion that a politician has allegedly lied while in public office.

Next we will be being told that football players pull each others jerseys in the penalty box, that most people work for money to pay their bills.

Or maybe even that bears do the toilet in the woods.

This type of legal action could catch on. Though I don’t know many of us common plebs with £200,000 to spare. At least not on a court case, do you?

The MPs expenses scandal. Blair and the weapons of mass destruction. Mandelson and the passports scandal. Promises to leave the European Disunion on the 29th March 2019.

To be honest I could fill the Adver’s pages with cases of politicians, shall we say being frugal with the truth. It is all part of the Game of Clones, sorry Thrones, they play at Westminster.

The British public deal with it in our own way, by booting them out at election time.

If criminal charges were brought in every alleged case and the culprits were in the unlikely scenario of being found guilty, it would not be houses we are short of on this crowded island, but HM prisons.

I thought the Remain brigade would give up after the European elections.

Is there no end to their desperation to stall or stop Brexit?

It is a distinct possibility that if this case goes ahead Boris Johnson could become Prime Minister before the court case.

He would then stand trial on alleged criminal charges.

Could it be Prime Minister jailbird Johnson, address HM prison Wormwood Scrubs. Cell Block 10.

Instead of the Right Honourable Boris Johnson PM of the United Kingdom 10 Downing Street?

What would happen to Larry the Downing street cat? Would Jeremy Corbyn visit him, to dictate exchanges for Parliamentary Question Time? Would he get day release for his audience with her Majesty the Queen?

How much more farcical and ridiculous can this country get as well as look, in the eyes of the outside world watching via the internet,

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham, Swindon

Voters were duped

Without a hint of irony, Bill Williams (A Vote of Defiance, SA, May 28) says he cast his “vote of defiance against the establishment” in the European elections for the Brexit Party.

He voted for a party with no manifesto, no members and questionable funding, led by a man who couldn’t be more establishment if he tried.

Nigel Farage is a privately educated, ex investment banker who has been an MEP for 20 years and is on video boasting about how little he has to do to earn his salary and expenses. A man who apparently received nearly half a million in the form of housing and cars from a wealthy friend that he felt he didn’t need to declare.

Bill complains about the “duplicity and deceptions” from the main parties but is he aware that Farage recently refused to answer a single question about his questionable previous statements on the NHS, on immigration, gun control and Putin?

Is he aware that Farage claimed on 9th June 2016 that “Can we just get to the truth of this - £350 million a week is wrong, it’s higher than that.”

But the morning after the referendum denied the £350m claim and described it as “one of the mistakes the leave campaign made”?

The fact that people like Bill are fooled by Farage’s paper thin man of the people routine no longer makes me angry, it just leaves me sad.

How low we have stooped to allow a man like Farage such exposure.

Neil Mercer, Maidstone Road, Swindon

Bake it or fake it

I want to thank every person in Swindon who joined the conversation for Dementia Action Week this year (20-26 May).

The week united workplaces, schools and communities to take action and improve the lives of people living with dementia.

We all have a role to play in making Swindon a dementia-friendly place to live and that’s what Dementia Action Week was all about.

Local highlights included a trolley dash at Great Western Hospital, where there was also a special tea dance and Singing for the Brain session.

The Wyvern Theatre also hosted information for carers and we held an awareness talk at Ridgeway Hospital.

Starting a conversation is just the beginning. Help us beat dementia by taking part in Cupcake Day on 13 June.

Whether you bake it or fake it, you can sign up at

Marco Van-Tintelen, Services manager, Alzheimer’s Society, Sanford House