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D-Day irony of Brexit

On a day that we both celebrate and commemorate the gallantry and determination of the allies in the D-Day landings, is it only me that can see the colossal irony?

This initiative was only successful because it was a huge coalition, an exercise in coordination, compromise and collaboration. A stunning example of different countries working together to achieve a successful outcome.

So many of our brave soldiers paid the ultimate price to unite Europe, under liberal democracy and the rule of law, yet today we see so many simply obsessed with cutting us adrift, obsessed with an enthusiasm to turn our backs on our European friends. They mouth the slogan “getting our country back” like lemmings, without any serious analysis or even understanding of what this means, in an interconnected world. These valiant men must be turning in their graves, if their contemporaries still with us, are to be believed.

And for what?

In a most distressing juxtaposition, today, the economics of this lunacy are drawn into sharp focus.

It was Oscar Wilde who said “it’s a love that dare not speak its name. We seem to be rapidly moving toward a position where we have “a Brexit that dare not speak its name”

First Jaguar/Land Rover move the Land Rover Discovery from the Midlands to Slovakia; but it’s nothing to do with brexit. Then Nissan move the X-Trail from Sunderland to Japan; but it is nothing to do with Brexit. Next Honda, right here in our own back yard, sweep away 12,000 high-paid, high skilled jobs; but it’s nothing to do with Brexit. Today 6000 skilled jobs, paid twice the average level in South Wales and a factory that has added £2.3 billion to the South Wales economy in the last 10 years is unceremoniously moved to Mexico; but yes, you’ve guessed it, IT’S nothing to do with Brexit.

What unites these decisions, is that every one of these companies unequivocally warned the Government of the consequences of the direction the UK was taking (in fairness Ford have again said today, that the Ford Dagenham future is also in doubt if no decent deal is agreed … can someone please tell the flaxen haired one!)

Now it’s perfectly obvious why any motor manufacturer would not want to alienate 17.4 million potential buyers of their products, but it stretches credibility to believe that Brexit is not a huge factor in all of these decisions, especially as every single one of these companies were so very vocal about the disaster we were courting, before the referendum.

And the background mood music to this drip, drip, drip, as our economic lifeblood drains away? A clutch of Tory politicians trying to outbid each other on who can be the most aggressive, the most bellicose, the most antagonistic in their dealings with the EU, and all around their extremist buddies cheering them on.

Let’s just hope when all this is done, there are enough barista jobs to go around!

John Stooke, Havisham Drive

Third Reich ideas revived

Bill Williams (SA, June 6) scolds those who protested against the red-carpet treatment of Donald Trump and gives two reasons. The USA was crucial in defeating the most evil regime in history and Trump is the American President. Both of these points are true but the conclusion is not.

It is fairly well known that Russian casualties were 20 times greater than US and Britain combined. Of the 13,488,000 Germans killed or captured, 10,758,000 were killed or captured on the Russian front. The great bulk of German tanks and aircraft were on that front. Stalin was the dictator of the USSR so now, by Bill’s logic, Stalin and the Stalinist regimes must become immune from criticism.

Trump was not democratically elected. He took advantage of an undemocratic electoral system designed to protect the power of slave owners and won with 3 million less votes than his opponent.

Ideas civilised people thought buried with the Third Reich have been given new life internationally by Trump. People in the USA had to struggle to civilise America after the war. For instance, in terms of those who actually fought and died, the American army was racially segregated and black troops returned home to the USA to meet fierce segregation and racism. Many Were lynched by racists, whose political descendants today celebrate Trump loudly, for just existing or having the temerity to wear a uniform.

Commemoration must include, rather than covering up, remembering that very many people fought and died to win a cleaner world.

Peter Smith, Woodside Avenue, Swindon

A return to dictatorship

Watching the 75 anniversary of the the D day landings in France, it brought it home to me as to why these men went out and fought to free Europe from a fascist dictator.

British, Irish, American,French, Canadian and New Zealand men all gave their lives to free us from oppression.

Alas we are returning to to what these brave men opposed and fought against. Britain is fast becoming a country run by dictators and Fascists.

Patrick O’Shea, Highworth

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