A GRANDMOTHER losing a war on weeds in her back garden has slammed the management company at her Taw Hill block of flats for not cutting the grass.

Anna Hall, a grandmother-of-eight, said she and other residents had been badgering management company First Port Property Services for months to strim greenery in the small garden around the block of flats where she has lived since 2015.

“It’s now June and in some parts of the garden I have got weeds that are four feet high,” said Anna, 68.

“We’ve phoned them up and they’ve said it’s not the time to cut it, which is ridiculous."

Lamenting the woeful weeds, Anna added: “They haven’t cut nothing.”

Anna, who lives in a ground floor three-bedroom flat, said she paid £1,250 a year in a management charge, as well as a £150 annual ground rent. And last year the firm asked residents to pay an extra £166 for repairs, she claimed.

Anna said: “I could get my own garden and it wouldn’t cost that much more.

“It’s just diabolical how much they charge and they don’t do nothing.”

She added of the small grassy areas around the three-storey block of flats: "We can't use it anyway. You can't hang your washing out there. You can't do anything."

A spokesman for First Port, Property Services which manages the site on behalf of the landlord, said the Aiken Road flats had been missed off when the development had been visited by contractors. The company manages a number of properties along the road behind Taw Hill Medical Practice.

He said: “We thank Mrs Hall for drawing this to our attention.

"Our contractors were on site in nearby Connolly Close this week and their planned visit for Aiken Road is next Monday.

"Along with the removal of the weeds, the lawns will all be mown and hedges trimmed.

"This is by no means a reflection at all of the whole site and appears to be a small area that has been missed when the development received its regular visit.”

Hedges and grassed areas at the Connolly Close flats, just around the corner from the Aiken Road block, had all been neatly trimmed when the Adver visited the area yesterday lunchtime.