TV star Nick Hewer was famously stern as Alan Sugar's sidekick on The Apprentice - he took no bull and would not be cowed.

Until now.

The Swindon-born businessman , who is now best known as the presenter Countdown has become the president of the National Hereford Club - a group for enthusiasts of the brown and white horned beef cattle breed.

And Nick has a family link to the breed as a member of the Hewer family which was critical of the development of Herefordshire cattle.

The family is given most of the credit for the dominant white faced Hereford which was primarily successful not due to facial colour, but because Hewer-bred cattle were some of the best around at the time.

Nick will be at the club's national show at Tenbury Countryside Show on Saturday August 3.

There are now an estimated 5,000,000 Herefords farmed in 50 countries around the world.