A CONFRONTATION between a parking warden and a driver was so severe the officer pressed the emergency call button on his phone.

Now the driver has been fined £200 for verbally abusing the Wiltshire Council employee.

Swindon magistrates also ordered Thomas Edward Tume of Park Lane, Chippenham to pay a victim surcharge of £30 and costs of £85 after he admitted using threatening behaviour.

The court heard the warden ticketed Tume's car on December 21 in Park Lane because it was on double yellow lines. Tume approached and was abusive. The incident was recorded on the warden's body-worn camera and led to the first prosecution since Wiltshire Council introduced them in November.

Cabinet member for highways Bridget Wayman said: “This sort of behaviour towards our parking officers is simply not acceptable and I hope this makes people think twice before making abusive comments.

“Our officers are just doing their jobs and don’t deserve such hostility. Please imagine carrying out your job while someone is shouting abuse at you and think how uncomfortable and threatened that would make you feel? We take this very seriously and will prosecute where we can.”