WOULD-BE wizards are wandering around Swindon casting spells and searching for magical objects in a new game created by the makers of Pokemon Go.

Just released Wizards Unite features appearances from Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley and some players think it will has even more magic than the Pokemon phenomenon that swept the town three years ago.

Becky Brand, 27, from Moredon seems to believe so: “It looks really good, and there are plenty of Potter fans who will play it, I think it could be as good as Pokemon Go.

“I’ve been playing Pokemon Go since 2016 and Wizards Unite could take over from it, if enough people play it.

“I just want to have fun mainly, isn’t that what these games are all about?”

Genevieve Aylott, 26, from Stratton added: “It looks like a good concept, I’m hopeful the graphics will be as good as they look in the photos.”

However, Genevieve – a big Harry Potter fan, does have her fears: “I play Pokemon Go, so hopefully it won’t be totally similar or I’ll get bored quickly.

“I don’t think Wizards will appeal to everyone but if it works well I can see myself playing it more than Pokemon.”

Pokemon Go was Niantic’s first game based on a popular brand and was a huge hit when it launched in Summer 2016 and it created communities in Swindon solely based on catching Pokemon.

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Wizards Unite follows a similar style but with a Harry Potter twist. Instead of catching Pokemon, players perform spells and locate magical objects. In the game, which was released Thursday evening, they create their own Wizard profile in their Hogwarts house and build their own wand complete with wood type and length.

The core mechanics are similar to Pokemon Go, they walk around the town. But instead of catching Pokemon they have to help some recognisable characters out of predicaments.

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Hogwarts characters make appearances in the game as they help to guide players around the various different object and creature types. In the game they can brew potions, use portkeys and collect ingredients. They can also stop at inns - the Wizards Unite version of Poke stops.

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