Two groups that divide opinion in Swindon had a minor confrontation in the town centre.

When Swindon Yellow Vests were demonstrating in Regent Street in support of Brexit, and a group of youngsters on bicycles came riding along, it seems that some harsh words may have been exchanged.

A video posted on the Twitter account of a yellow vest supporter using the name @TomWho4 shows the incident – which he describes as: “Chatting to the wonderful people of Swindon and dispersing a gang of hoodlums who wanna be men.”

The film shows a small group of men and women in the high-visibility waistcoats, some carrying union flags, in the main shopping street.

One with a loud-hailer is addressing shoppers: “It’s 20 weeks since we started Swindon Yellow Vests. If you voted to leave the EU come and take a leaflet.

“We care being betrayed, democracy is being betrayed. We’ll keep doing this every week until we leave the EU.”

The camera shows some teenagers riding swiftly up the street on mountain bikes, some with friends carried on the handlebars. Some stop and both riders and yellow vests then cluster round with voices raised. The confrontation is brought to an end and the cyclists ride off.