OBJECTIONS are mounting against controversial plans to build new homes in view of Lydiard Park.

Lydiard Tregoze Parish Council is the latest to recommend refusing PrimeGate Properties’ proposal for up to nine houses.

The developer wants to build them alongside open space on land south of Hook Street and opposite Oaklands.

Chairman Robert Collis said: “I know it’s going to come one day but we have to keep pushing against it, keep saying ‘no’, keep Swindon where it is and keep this out of our back yard.”

The council’s unanimous decision follows similar concerns expressed by the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, Wiltshire Spatial Officers, Shaw Residents' Association and the Friends of Lydiard Park.

FoLP chairwoman Sarah Finch-Crisp said: “We have a long history of working to protect Lydiard Park and its historic setting from intrusive and unwanted development.

"Thousands of local people love and use the park and its rural setting is an essential part of its attraction as well as being historically significant.

“I am delighted that Lydiard Tregoze Parish Council has objected to this application for building executive houses that would irreversibly damage Lydiard’s countryside setting and pave the way for further development within the essential setting.

“It was heartening to see councillors standing up for Lydiard and we are grateful to them for their thoughtful consideration. The Friends of Lydiard Park look forward to building closer ties with the parish council going forward.”

SRA chairman Kevin Fisher said: “We're very pleased that the parish council have recognised that this application would have a seriously negative impact on Lydiard Park, and its setting, by unanimously objecting to the proposal.

“Lydiard is periodically threatened by housing development on both sides of the park and working alongside other equally committed organisations, we will continue to do our utmost to protect it for the benefit of local people.”

The Gardens Trust wrote to object to the plans because the group, along with Historic England and the Georgian Society, has not been directly consulted about the development.

PrimeGate Properties' plans will go to planners at Swindon Borough Council later this year.