LABOUR'S pledge to back Remain and a People's Vote on any Brexit deal has met with a mixed reaction in Swindon.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said yesterday the party will challenge whoever is the next Tory leader to put their Brexit deal to the public in a second referendum.

In a letter to party members, he said: "In those circumstances, I want to make it clear that Labour would campaign for Remain against either no-deal or a Tory deal that does not protect the economy and jobs."

Kate Linnegar, Labour parliamentary candidate for North Swindon, said: “Brexit has caused severe division. Uncertainty for businesses and EU workers has been crippling.

“Labour respects the result of the referendum. A People’s Vote was always an option, but I would prefer a general election so Labour can take us forward to address the issues blighting people’s lives.

“It’s not a surprise that Labour would campaign to Remain if the other options were a bad deal or no deal.

“I’m glad we haven’t jumped on a bandwagon just to win votes but have tried to unite the country and protect workers' rights and living conditions.”

Sarah Church, Labour parliamentary candidate for South Swindon, added: “I agree that there must be an option to remain in the EU in any confirmatory referendum. It’s what people are telling me every day and it’s the right thing to do.

“Both Swindon’s MPs are backing ‘No-deal Boris’, which is the wrong choice for the town and the country.”

Swindon shoppers were just as divided as the two political parties.

Jane Enson, 56, from Eldene said: “When people know what the deal is, perhaps we should have a referendum again and decide if we really want to leave.”

But Naseer Orchard, 59, from Walcott disagreed and said: “What they’re doing is just being done to favour the party to get to power, that’s it.”

North Swindon’s Conservative MP Justin Tomlinson was critical of Labour's move.

He said: “Corbyn’s Labour are woefully out of step with the public.

“I’m staggered that they are choosing to brazenly ignore the democratic will of the referendum and their promise from the 2017 election to deliver Brexit.

“It is no surprise that Corbyn is the least trusted Labour leader in history.”

South Swindon Conservative MP Robert Buckland added: “Labour now seems to be junking the manifesto pledge it made to honour the referendum result, which will infuriate many.”