IS this the best job in the world?

A private tutor is needed to travel the world with a London-based family as they enjoy their 'family gap year'.

A £60,000 salary, free travel and accommodation await the successful candidate.

And they will even be invited to join the family on a selection of planned trips including snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, visiting an elephant sanctuary in Thailand and visiting Disney World in Florida.

The tutor will be responsible for educating two boys aged six and nine.

The French family states that they will be travelling across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America for one year, however they don’t want their trip to impact their children's education, so require a tutor to accompany them on their travels.

As to why they’ve decided to take a year-long break from everyday life, the parents say they’ve always wanted to travel but instead focused on their careers and starting a family.

They also believe their children are at an age where they are adaptable enough to cope with a full year of travelling, and that experiencing different cultures will be invaluable to their development.

The job role will require six hours of work a day, which will involve teaching both sons an array of subjects, from English to science. Due to the boys’ age difference, the parents would like the tutor to split the tuition evenly in half each day and cater to their different levels.

The dream job is advertised on where founder Alex Dyer said: "We sometimes receive quirky requests but this is one of a kind and definitely something we haven’t seen before. As a former teacher it makes me very happy to see that the family are still putting their kids’ educational needs first whilst they go on their once-in-a-lifetime adventure."

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