Car insurance prices have risen by 8 per cent in Swindon in the last few months.

The new statistics, provided by, have revealed that drivers could be expected to pay £615 on average per year.

This new price is a 4 per cent increase (£26) per quarter (April to June) and an 8 per cent increase (£44) per year.

The statistics reflect rises in the West of England.

However, Swindon's car insurance rates are better than Bristol, with the car owners in the city having to pay £629.

Across the whole of the UK, on average car insurance has risen to £789 on average.

Further research from found that drivers are not seeing a price drop when it comes to renewing their insurance.

According to a survey, 47 per cent of UK drivers who received their renewal notice between April and June said their price had increased by £50 year-on-year.

Alongside this, 27 per cent of UK motorists were confused why their cost was increasing.