One of the most high-profile managers to have taken control of Swindon Town FC is set to return in September.

And it has provoked mixed feelings from fans.

Paolo Di Canio will be at the Meca for a Q&A event alongside an auction and a comic performance.

It will be the first time he has returned to Swindon since his controversial exit in February of 2013.

The eccentric Italian was manager of Swindon Town for almost two years before he resigned citing a number of off-field events, including the sale of star player Matt Ritchie.

Paolo’s return to Swindon has been greeted on Facebook with fond memories for many, but some still hold resentment for how he left the club.

Jamie Francome said: “The buzz when he was around was second to none.

"The whole town was getting involved even to the point of shovelling snow off the pitch for pizza which he paid for.

“I, along with most others, miss him and his character.

“Unfortunately, in the end we couldn’t match his ambition, forever a town legend.”

Steve Cook added: “Never been the same since the day he left, and it never will be!

“Some of the games had an electric atmosphere which we won’t see for a long long time, but the only way he was successful in football management was if the owner had an endless pocket of cash.”

But Neil Stevens disagreed saying: “I’m shocked the guy has the nerve to show his face in this town again after how he abandoned the club, contributing to the club not getting promoted that season.

“Once he was told no and had to sell, he bottled it and did a runner.”

Alan Kidd agreed with Neil and said: “Only interested in himself. The club was a means to an end for him.

"We got promoted despite him, not because of him.

“A good mascot but utterly self-absorbed, tactically inept, useless in the transfer market and incapable of learning from his own mistakes.

“The worst manager in the history of STFC, and possibly of football.”

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