Members of the Shrivenham Heritage Society have unveiled a new memorial plaque at the gates of RAF Watchfield.

From August 1939 the airfield was used for RAF training in the Second World War and by 1943 four flight schools were operating out of the base, with 743 students passing their qualification to join the war in April 1943.

However, by 1974 the base was empty and had fallen into decay before it was returned to agricultural use in 1975.

The airfield has since completely disappeared from the site with the gates being the only remaining sign that anything ever occupied the land.

The original gate to Watchfield was discovered in an overgrown hedgerow opposite the Star Lane Junction and was decided it would be an ideal icon and a suitable place to place the plaque.

The Shrivenham Heritage Society raised funds for the plaque along with contributions from a variety of charities including the Defence Academy, the Oxfordshire Local History Association, the Rotary Club of Farringdon and the Royal British Legion.

Approximately 100 people attended the ceremony where Alec Chambers, a veteran airman from Shrivenham unveiled the aluminium plaque.

Alec, 94, had experienced landing and taking off from RAF Watchfield itself during his days in the forces.