What existed before existence? Where did the universe come from?

If your son or daughter pesters you with theses questions get them down to the central library in the town next month.

The library in Regent Circus is sting a special day of science and scientists for older children on August 8.

During the day, from 2-5pm youngsters will be able to take part in workshops and in the evening 5-9pm there are a number of free talks.

One, by Brian Clegg will address the question of what there was "before the Big Bang" while Libby Jackson, who works with the UK Space Agency, will be talking about the possibility of a British mission to the moon.

Paul Hill will lead workshops on the theme of a journey into space, and Lisa Mullan, an expert of DNA and genetics will lead the workshop "how to build a human".

Events are free, but booking is necessary as numbers are limited.

Visitswindonlibraries.wordpress.com for tickets