The UK Research and Innovation department have said they are prepared for a no-deal Brexit.

UKRI is a combination of different scientific councils and departments across the UK, one of which is the Science and Technology Facilities Council based in Swindon.

The comments from the UKRI come after the Welcome Trust, which is responsible for £1billion of scientific funding a year claimed that “amputating” Europe would make collaborations more difficult.

However, a spokesperson for the UKRI said: “UKRI welcomes the government’s continued efforts to collaborate with the EU on research and innovation and wants to see the best possible outcome from the government’s negotiations to leave the European Union.

“UKRI has been planning for all eventualities regarding the UK’s exit from the EU and continues to work closely with its research and innovation communities and with the government to ensure the UK’s environment for world-class knowledge, talent and ideas continues to flourish.

“The UK is due to leave the European Union on October 31. A ratified deal before then would ensure continued UK participation in EU programmes, such as Horizon 2020, until the end of the programme and for the lifetime of projects.”

Horizon 2020 is the Europe Union’s flagship programme for research and innovation, focusing on science, industrial leadership and tackling societal challenge.

This programme is a big source of funding for the UK with over 38,000 collaboration links with member states including Germany, Spain, France and Italy.

The UKRI spokesperson continued: “In the event of a no-deal scenario, the government’s Horizon 2020 funding guarantee will ensure that businesses continue to receive the funding they need to complete their projects.

“The guarantee would cover all successful competitive UK bids to Horizon 2020 submitted before the UK leaves the EU on October 31.

“If the governments underwrite does come into effect then the UKRI will manage it and is ready to deliver.

“We will have all the necessary resources and processes in place for effective delivery if we go into a no-deal scenario.

"Systems have been tested to ensure they are ready to handle the extra processing that would be required."

Anne Dixon, head of operations, added: “Whatever the timescale of the exit from the EU, we are continuing to prepare for all eventualities."