Following a campaign from the Labour party in Swindon, people were encouraged to comment on what they would change about the town.

The campaign was launched in the wake of local elections and started with the social media hashtag #SwindonDeservesBetter

The Swindon Advertiser posed a similar question on Facebook on Tuesday and here is what you told us:

Dave Mills: Get rid of that big Morrisons at Regent Circus and have more restaurants so there’s a better vibe in that area and it becomes the place to eat.

Diane Cluett: Invest more in speedway, good clean family fun, and eradicate greyhound racing, a cruel ‘sport’ encouraging gambling and animal abuse.

Hazel Tee: Pavements! Everywhere you look the pavements are uneven and look scruffy!

Teresa Fuller: It would be nice to see shops open and not closed doors on the high street. Also, it would be nice to have a canal back in town. Bring back a market, kitchen shop, bakers and a greengrocer store. It would be nice to let the homeless have somewhere to go instead of hanging out in the town. Our town could be better than it is.

Cheryl Lloyd: Something needs to be done about the drug users and homeless people sitting in doorways. I often find them at the entrance in and out of work and nearly injured them and me. There surely must be somewhere safer to sit?

Danielle Freeman: Lower rents to allow small businesses to flourish. Florists, market stalls, bakeries, greengrocers, butchers – it would be lush to see those again on the high street.

Clair Jones: Modernise the town centre, get fines in place for littering. Swindon is filthy and needs to be appealing to visitors, a new hospital is definitely needed, more updated parks, gardens and green spaces for children and the elderly to enjoy. No-one will come to Swindon if it’s not cleaned up. More bins, every bus stop should have one. And an outdoor pool to attract more people into Swindon.

Julie Dixon: Town centre is not a pleasant place to go. Knock it down. I like the idea of making Old Town better, it has character. Also, bring back the old canal.

Kelly Hunt: More recreation and play areas for families. There isn’t anything to draw taking the kids into town, it’s too boring for them. No more cafes or coffee shops, bring in an outdoor pool or a splash area.

Jennifer Cummins: I think it’s too late to be able to change anything! I don’t think it is in anyone’s powers to bring back what was once a thriving high street. Parking prices are atrocious, and the town is full of tacky shops. The Brunel Centre reeks of those awful fast food places, I’d rather go further afield than Swindon these days.

Peter Morris: Can’t remember the last time I went to town. It holds nothing for me, it feels dirty and unsafe.

Berni Morton: A complete makeover is needed to make it more inviting and more family friendly. Locals prefer to go out of town for a real shopping experience. There’s no soul in our town, maybe a nice shopping mall, entice shops to stay and bring back a town to be proud of and worth visiting.

Karen Dodson: More shops are needed, that aren’t just card shops or Greggs. It would be great to make it look better.

Lynn Playle: It’s very bleak, so rundown. There’s not a lot of variety.