A TEEN who led police on a high-speed chase has been offered a final chance.

Saeedul Ali had been called back to Swindon Crown Court by the probation service, who said he had failed to keep important appointments.

The former drug dealer, 18, was given a suspended eight-month jail term in February for dangerous driving – after he led police on a high-speed chase, driving on the pavement to avoid a stinger device laid by officers. The court also ordered he complete 120 hours’ unpaid work, a four-month curfew, 10 rehabilitation days and 12 hours at a senior attendance centre.

Yesterday, prosecutor Mark Ashley told the court Ali had failed to complete any of the rehabilitation days or attendance centre hours. He had, however, managed to do a little unpaid work.

Mr Ashley said: “He needs to understand, of course, that he needs to get on with things. He needs to take it seriously.”

Ali, of Beckhampton Street, said he thought a phone number the probation service had for him was in fact his dad’s telephone number. The teen, who has previous for selling class A drugs, asked the judge for another chance: “I will make sure I don’t miss any appointments.”

Judge Peter Crabtree OBE opted not to activate the suspended prison sentence, instead adding 20 hours’ unpaid work to his sentence. He warned Ali: “I will give you another chance this time around, but it will be the last chance. If you see me again, you will be going through the back door [to prison].”