Villagers in Wroughton will be asked whether they want a new pavilion at Maunsell way for users of the sports fields and playing grounds there.

Wroughton Parish Council wants to demolish the exiting pavilion and build a much bigger one on the same site.

Some users of the pavilion are very much in favour - but some people are a bit concerned that the £1m costs could eventually be borne by the council tax payer.

Wroughton Parish Council said: "A key part of the rationale for this project is giving our young people a place for structured activities which in turn will help reduce anti-social behaviour. Having one larger building, designed appropriately will also allow for other features such as clear exterior lighting and CCTV. There will be a single toilet/basin area which can be made accessible from the outside of the building meaning this can be easily made available when the playing fields are in use but there is no need for access to the entire building.

"Draft plans include space for an early years setting (preschool) as well as a larger room which can be split in two as well as a dedicated youth room. There are also bathrooms and a shared kitchen."

The parish council said the costs of building an improved pavilion would be found from from grant funding and also by donations from community groups. The costs of running and maintaining it, once, built, will come from fees paid by local groups which use it.

One group which uses the pavilion is Wroughton Youth Football Club. Chairman Paul Brown said: "We run 19 teams so not all of them use the pavilion, but the younger ones do. We really would like a much better one. We use the current one for storage, but that's it. There's a toilet but it's locked and someone needs to go with one of the children every time. The new pavilion will be bigger and there'll be a toilet accessible from the outside.

"That's even more important now with the growth of football for girls, so we think a new pavilion is vital for the youth of Wroughton.

Other groups who'd use the new pavilion include the youth club and the scouts and cubs groups.

But Kenneth Kane, who lives nearby in Wharf Road is concerned at the costs and sustainability of the plan: "Where is the feasibility study, cost analysis and management plan and who has produced them? Who is going to manage and administer the new building? Community trust schemes often fail. Recently, the trustees of the Ellendune Community Trust transferred their responsibilities for the building and its employees to the tax-payer-funded parish council.

"What guarantee is there that Wroughton tax payers will not end up funding a failed scheme?

All Wroughton residents can vote on the plan at Ellendune Community Centre between 4-9pm on Wednesday August 14