MEET Summer – the baby alpaca born at Studley Grange Butterfly World & Farm Park.

The healthy newborn cria (the term for a baby alpaca) has been named by the owners of the park.

Jackie Guscott, general manager of the park, said: “The dam (a female alpaca) called Clover was carrying her baby for around 11 to 12 months before little Summer was born.

“We also have another alpaca, Daisy, who is due any day now.

"Along with Dennis and Elvis, two very proud dads.

“People get very worried about our alpacas, that they might put their ears back and spit at them but that won’t happen.

"They’re very friendly, they’ll only put their ears back and spit if they’re fighting with each other over food or if you frighten them.

“We would like to welcome everyone to come along to Studley Grange to see Summer and Clover, we’re open every day throughout the holidays.”