An area of undeveloped land in a recent expansion of Swindon could be kept as public open space.

members of Swindon Borough Council's planning committee will be asked to approve the proposal to transfer the square of land to the north of Millgrove Street in Redhouse to St Andrews Parish Council to be kept for recreation purposes.

The report to councillors says: "The land is currently laid to grass and because it is surrounded by footpaths and is not enclosed appears though it could be open space although it is still in private ownership."

It adds that residents in the area have become used to it being available as open space.

St Andrews Parish Council has been in talks with the owner of the land and agreed a price to buy it.

The cost of just over £330,000 will be met largely by the borough council, which has agreed to make money received form developers available, and the parish council has resolved to use £49,000 of its reserves.

The land has not been built on and a plan to build a block of 14 flats with shops on the ground floor was turned down by the borough council's planning committee in January 2016.

The committee meets on Tuesday at 6pm in Euclid Street.