Swindon parents are strict on their children when it comes to screen time.

After a report from Halifax revealed that 23 per cent of parents use pocket money to bribe their children off of electronic devices, we asked mums and dads their views.

Kay Lyn Horsley said: “I tell mine to get off it or I will sell it. That usually works pretty fast.”

Jennifer Colley added: “No bribery. Just say no. Simple.”

Callie McBride agreed saying: “Bribery is the worst resort, that’s all they will learn. Have some parents no spine?”

Celine Guillet suggested a unique approach: “I make them do homework to earn screen time. Ten minutes per page done. Works super well.They spend more time on their maths and less on the iPad.”

Laura Faulkner said: “Tell mine to get off, simple. Their devices are a reward for maybe an hour on Sunday if they have been good.”