A POLICE dog helped track down a teenage biker who was then arrested for several driving offences.

PD Buzz and his handler found the 15-year-old from Liden hiding in some bushes after abandoning his motorbike and running towards Ocotal Way.

Officers first noticed an off-road motorbike being ridden dangerously in Broadgreen at 11pm on Tuesday.

They lost sight of the boy and the bike near the County Ground then spotted him again near Shrivenham Road, where he abandoned the bike and ran away.

Once they found him, they arrested the teen on suspicion of theft of a motorbike, driving with no insurance and no licence and dangerous driving.

He remains in custody at Gablecross police station for questioning and officers seized the bike as part of their enquiries.

PC Jon Harwood said: “We are aware of the issues involving anti-social and illegal motorcycle usage in various areas around the town at the moment.

"This kind of behaviour can have a really negative impact on local communities, not to mention the dangers involved not just for the individuals committing the offences, but for other road users and pedestrians.

“I am pleased that we have been able to locate and arrest an individual in connection with a number of incidents, and we were grateful to Police Dog Buzz for his excellent skills in tracking the suspect down despite his attempts to hide from officers in bushes.”