A MONTH before he arranged for a kilogramme of cocaine to be transported to London, rapper Nahkell Gordon got an Uber driver pal to take a revolver and bullets from London to Manchester.

The 32-year-old musician, who performs as J Avalanche, is currently serving a seven-and-a-half year stretch for transferring the prohibited firearm. He claimed he had bought the gun after being targeted in a drive-by shooting, but changed his mind about owning the weapon and was returning it to the seller.

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The rapper is said by police to have been a member of notorious Tottenham gang the Wood Green Mob.

Gordon’s previous conviction can now be revealed, after the London man was jailed for nine years at Bristol Crown Court for his part in a conspiracy to move cocaine with an estimated street value of £200,000 from London to Swindon.

Gordon boasted of his life of luxury on YouTube 

Last year, Manchester Crown Court heard Gordon had bought a gun after a bullet grazed his head in a drive-by shooting. It was suggested he had been targeted by rivals jealous about his success in the music industry.

After buying the weapon, he decided to return it. However, Gordon was told he must keep it or pay to send it back.

He called Mike Kalu, an Uber driver, and asked him to take a package to Manchester. Kalu claimed he did not know he was being tasked to pick-up a gun. Police stopped his car in a Tesco car park in Burnage, a suburb of Manchester, on August 19 – less than a month before he was said to have helped arrange the transfer of a kilogramme of cocaine to Swindon.

Sentencing Gordon, Judge Martin Steiger QC was said to have described the rapper’s claims as “utterly preposterous”. “If there was any truth in any of that there are plenty of guns in London for Gordon to have accessed,” he added, the Manchester Evening News reported.

At his latest trial, numerous references were made to Gordon’s rapping career. Also running a car hire firm, renting out luxury Mercedes to cash-paying clients, he had been recording a new EP around the time he was said to have arranged the cocaine transfer.

In his music, there are numerous references to selling hard drugs.

In track 4 Ways, Gordon – singing as J Avalanche - set out a recipe for making crack cocaine.

He featured on 2015 mixtape album Concrete Jungle with the track Gangsters with Dreams. Gordon sang: “In the kitchen whipping up the yola,” he sang. Yola is a slang term for cocaine.

He added: “Came out of the kitchen smelling of the crack odour. Profit is enormous, my pockets are bulging.” The verse also sees him apparently reference a youth spent selling drugs, with mention of “OT” short for “out trapping”.