A TEENAGER who struggled with mental health issues through sixth form celebrated getting the results he wanted.

A late diagnosis of ADHD at the start of year 12 caused difficulties for Joe Smith as he studied at Ridgeway School and Sixth Form.

Against the odds, he achieved an A in psychology, B in biology, and C in chemistry. He plans to take a gap year to work and earn some money before studying psychology at university.

Mum Sue said: "It's been a tricky couple of years and I don't think he imagined a year ago that this was what he would get in his exams. We are really proud of him and grateful for the support he's had from the school and NHS.

"He had struggled with behaviour issues and complying with orders while taking his GCSEs but he's been phenomenal since then. His head of year Helen Buttery went above and beyond in helping him."

Dad Gary said: "We always knew he had the capability, it was just a matter of getting everything lined up right. He's very determined once he sets his mind to something."

Last year, Joe ran five half marathons in five days in memory of his uncle to raise awareness of mental health issues in ment and raise £1,600 for CALM.

Joe said: "The support at Ridgeway has been brilliant, they have been instrumental in getting me to where I am now.

"I've had a few bumps in the road and it went a bit pear-shaped last year but I've managed to overcome it.

"I've really enjoyed my time here and will miss coming here, it's a nice community environment that's been like a second home to me.

"I wasn't sure what to expect in the exams, I had a few dodgy moments but overall they went quite well. I'm pretty ecstatic about the results, it's exactly what I was hoping for and I can relax a bit now."

Head of sixth form Helen Dixon said: "He'd be excellent at coaching the younger students and being an ideal role model for them. It would be a pleasure to welcome him back if he wants to help others here."